Beginning business bruises

My first official company – HEDRON LLC – is born. It’s an incredible feeling to see your thoughts and postulates manifested into the real world.  Your designs, ideas, and creations are starting to turn into sketches and prototypes.  You realize: We can actually pursue our passions and get paid to do it!

The first step of freedom has been unlocked: the acknowledgment that owning a business is the best route to success, freedom, and happiness.  Unless you want to do structured corporate work or want an average life for yourself – owning a company is the best way out of typical 9-to-5 regime.  However – that initial hype of creating an instant perpetual profit making machine starts to dwindle, as the first steps of most businesses involves actually quite the opposite: strenuous monotonous labor.

Here is where the majority of my time is spent on Hedron:
– Email
– Paperwork
– Research

It’s funny because I wanted to create a company to avoid typical corporate tasks and currently I  spend more time doing these than most 9-to-5 employees.

I’ve also personally spent $1,070 on prototyping our first product.  That’s $560 more than what I expected.  We came into this project thinking we would be able to finish it in weeks. It’s been a month and a half now.  While we aren’t necessarily behind schedule, the more work we put into the project, the more things we realized we had to do.  What should of been an hour’s work today, for example, ended up taking close to six hours and ruining some of our expensive material in the process.

There’s a reason why most ideas fail – there’s actually a lot more nuances and intricacies than you expect.  The fear of the unknown is usually what stops most people from succeeding.  The best way to succeed is persistence and passion.  The hardest lesson I learnt as well is:

Ideas are nearly worthless; implementations mean everything.

I love our product, and I’m blessed to work with some really great creative people.  As long as you’re confident in your staff, idea, and execution don’t worry about the delays and additional costs in the present – even though it can sting. Beginning business bruises is a condition practically all new businesses face. Just get ready to fight through it – you’re in for one hell of a journey.


We’re in a world full of abundant technology, people, and dreams. It’s very easy to get caught in the day-to-day. It’s very easy to be average. It’s very easy to settle, compromise, and give up.

My name is Shiv Aiyar. I’m 19 years old. I’ve lived in three states, two countries, and attended seven schools. My first business venture was by accident in 7th grade. My next two weren’t.

This is 2014. This is the year of success, innovation, and ingenuinity. This is the year of no excuses and no procrastination. This is our year to make a dent in the universe. The journey starts now.